External Supervision


I offer both individual and group external supervision for people working in the human services field. I see external supervision as an essential part of our work and value my role in providing a safe space in which to pause and explore topics that are important to you.

Common issues explored in external supervision include:
– case review
– ethical dilemmas
– critical incident debriefing
– skill development
– challenges with colleagues and/or workplace culture
– self-care strategies
– career development
– personal issues

I offer external supervision from a relational, trauma-informed approach which is provided within the framework of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Supervision Standards, 2014 (click here to view this document).

I also provide external supervision for Social Work students on their first and second practicums.



On the whole, what you share with me in external supervision remains confidential. Limits of confidentiality include taking case-notes, releasing case-notes if subpoenaed by a court of law, and reflecting on our work with my own external supervisor. In our first appointment, we will also talk about our dual-roles of being both in a supervisor-supervisee relationship as well as being colleagues in the field.

If I feel concerned that your professional practice does or will place yourself or another person at harm, I will seek my own supervision and then raise these concerns with you directly. If this does not resolve the situation, in-line with the AASW Code of Ethics section 5.2.4, I will contact your employing organisation to discuss the matter with them (click here to view this document). This situation occurs very rarely, however for transparency and to facilitate informed consent, I discuss it here on the website and will also talk with you about this in the first appointment.



Making an appointment and prices

You can contact me by phone T: (07) 4041 2057 or email: contact@simonedewar.com.au to make an appointment. Appointments are offered in person, by telephone, or through internet-based technology. Please see the “prices” page for more information on current supervision costs. Appointment costs can be paid by cash, eftpos, or invoice to your organisation, business or third party.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about external supervision.