Restorative Yoga Classes

I am not offering Restorative Yoga classes in the first part of 2019 due to other commitments. You are welcome to email me at and I can add you to my email list, or you can check this page later in the year to find out details of future classes. i look forward to recommencing these classes and spending restorative time together. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced class that allows time and space for the body and mind to settle and restore. We start off laying on our back noticing the contact between our body and floor while practising diaphragmatic breathing. We then move into gentle yet active stretches to help warm up the muscles. We then begin to explore Restorative yoga poses using blocks, bolsters and blankets that we hold for up to 3 – 8 minutes. We conclude with meditation and slowly reconnecting with the outside world. This class is a nourishing experience for people who appreciate supported introspection time and are comfortable in quietness.